Investment & Retirement Planning

We offer Investment and Retirement Planning for both individuals and companies with a gateway to all major asset classes. You can have a platform created with various fund managers all within one investment and diversify among all major asset classes with the unique offerings mentioned below.

  • Money Market Funds
  • Retirement Annuity
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Provident Funds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Pension Funds
  • Flexible Investment Plan
  • Corporate Retirement Annuities
  • Share Portfolios
  • Preservation Funds
  • Endowments
  • Living Annuity
  • Wrapper Funds
  • Offshore Investments

Asset Classes

Here are some asset classes where your money can be diversified into:

PropertyYou have the option of investing into the listed JSE Property Companies as a shareholder.
Cash & BondsYou can have your investment diversified amongst all major bank via a Money Market fund or any other FSB Regulated fund.
CommoditiesYou can invest into the mining companies or directly into the commodities index.
EquitiesYou have the choice of Pro Active Management or simply tracking the JSE sectors - from the smaller JSE companies to the larger Blue Chip top 40 shares.
OffshoreYou have the opportunity to diversify your asset classes offshore.

Asset Management Companies

Contact Persons

Fanie Du Preez

Independent Registered Financial Advisor

Fanie is an Independent Financial Advisor with 50+ years experience. He is a fully qualified Financial Intermediary and a member of the FIA and CMS. Fanie established himself as being the top Advisor for Sanlam Life and PPS for numerous years and has earned awards and accolades for service excellence.

Contact Details

+27 41 391 6136
+27 72 661 5833
+27 41 364 3018

Anton Du Preez

Independent Registered Financial Advisor

Anton has been working as an Independent Financial Advisor since 1997. He is a fully qualified Financial Intermediary and a member of both the IBC and CMS. His experience in the young and upcoming professional market serves his clients well as he knows and understands their unique needs.

Contact Details

+27 83 445 2066

Mariska Basson

Independent Registered Financial Advisor

Mariska is an independent Financial Advisor with 20+ years’ experience in the financial industry. Mariska is member of the FIA and CMS.

Contact Details

+27 41 391 6139
+27 83 953 0571
+27 41 364 3018